All the Feels

December 8, 2016

 Last night we headed to Cedar Park to enjoy the Christmas lights.
It was so much fun and seeing Bella's eyes light up was magical!
I found these 2 streets that has the entire court light their houses up.
This was my favorite picture of the night.
Bella's just in awe of the lights.

Eric & Bella in front of one of our favorite houses,
they even had lights going along with the music...

Momma & her Bella Belle enjoying the lights!

This was in the middle of the street,
the lights go to the rooftop of every house on the block!
I LOVED this idea!!

Eric & I under the mistletoe!
Bella took this while laughing at her crazy parents!

Looking at Christmas lights has always been 
something our family does,
and I wouldn't change it for the world!
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Holiday Craze

December 7, 2016

I know I know there's still a few weeks left until Christmas,
but seriously the days/weeks are flying by, 
so before we know it,
it'll be sneaking up on us!

Thank goodness I'm pretty much done shopping,
wrapping, decorating, etc.
But I feel like we all need to take a breath 
and enjoy the actual holiday.

Spend time with my hubby and daughter,
go look at Christmas lights,
go to Holiday in the Park,
just enjoy the holidays before they're gone.
Bella will be 10 next month,
and I feel like the magic of Christmas
won't be as magic soon...

She loves Slippy her Elf on the Shelf,
and will sit under the tree staring at the gifts 
for quite a while her eyes lit up 
and her smile huge as can be.

So for the next few weeks
we will be family time,
enjoying the meaning of Christmas,
and loving the time spent with my family.

Happy Holidays.
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Mid-Way Remodel

December 6, 2016

This past weekend we tore up the entire kitchen 
to get ready for the new flooring. 
Dust has been flying everywhere 
ever since, but I'm so excited for what's
going to come end of the year.

Here's what our kitchen looks like as of now. 
We did get a new stove (yay!)
but for the next 2 weeks or so,
we're wearing slippers everywhere downstairs.
The dogs are just loving it...
Towels are down for them to sleep and get comfy.
I'll be updating the remodel as we go along.
Stay tuned!
 photo 3_zpsxmppg7vk.jpg


December 5, 2016

This weekend was my sister and brother in law's annual birthday parties, 
now called the Birthmas party,
and it was awesome!
We all had an amazing time and thanks to ATG Photography
it was all captured on camera!
These are some of my favorite girls!
Always a great time with them!
Me & my sista in law celebrating her birthday in style!
(Ugly sweater style that is!)
Typical Eric & I pose!
We have the most fun together like always!
Love me some Tin!
She is such a sweet amazing person!
Love her!
Such a fun party!
Happy birthmas to all the birthday peoples 
we celebrated Saturday!!

 photo 3_zpsxmppg7vk.jpg

Tis the Season

November 30, 2016

With all the shopping almost done, 
the tree getting put up this week,
and lights out front,
it's definitely that time of the year!

I even went all out this year and bought us all matching PJ's!

Do I usually make us match?!
Hell no,
Am I nuts this year?
Ummm yes!

But it was super cute & I couldn't resist!

Know what else is this time of the year?
Remodeling our house!
(Told ya I'm crazy!)

We're remodeling the entire downstairs including 
the floors, kitchen, and half bath.
For some reason we always decide to do this 
around the holidays.
Don't ask me why, there is not answer.
Let's just put it this way,
the pic above is the BEFORE of our kitchen!
Good Lord it needs help!
I will definitely post the after pictures once we are actually done!

Until then, enjoy your week!
This weekend's forecast is 90% chance of rain 
and a HIGH of 49! 

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