Bella's birthday

December 9, 2008

I am posting a lot today to catch up, so please bare with me! Bella's 2nd birthday is January 26th. We are having her party at the house on the 24th, which means I need to have all the invites out the weekend after New Year's to give out of towners time to get a room and what not. I have decided that her party theme is going to be Abby Cadabby. Incase you're not familiar with that character, she is on Sesame Street and is a Fairy Godchild! Bella adores her and Elmo so much! She has an Abby toy that speaks to her plus she picked out all Abby bibs when we went to Target last month, so I knew she would love it! So, now since Christmas is 2 weeks away and her birthday just after that, I am starting to stress a little. I was never a stressful person until I became a mom! I am sure most moms know what I am talking about! So this week sometime I am going to run to Party City to look for invitations so I can start filling those out and getting addresses. I have to say, when I was pregnant I thought having a baby in January was the smartest idea because it's nice and cold out, now I see that maybe a Febraury or March baby might be better next time around! If there is a next time around!!

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