Wonderful Night

December 17, 2008

Last night was just such a great night! I picked Bella up from school and it was freezing, so we ran to the car saying "Oooh, it's chilly!" the whole way! She just kept saying it and laughing. Eric had a meeting after work, so Bella and I ran to get some dinner. When we got home, we put Barney on tv and sat in the living room eating dinner. Afterwards we got ready for bed, and sat and watched Mary Poppins on tv until Daddy got home. Then she sat with him until she fell asleep. After she went to bed, Eric went back to his car and told me to go into the bedroom. When he told me to come back out, he had a gift bag from Godiva on the couch for me! He bought me a box of Godiva Truffles for our anniversary!! I was so excited because it's my favorite chocolate and I haven't had it in years. He was so sweet and I was so happy! It was truly a wonderful night!
Tonight we are planning on taking Bella to see Santa at the mall. As long as the weather holds out! I'll post tomorrow to let you know how it goes. Last year was not good!!
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