Bella is a Peacock!

January 15, 2009

Today Bella moved up in her daycare to the Peacock Class! She is in the class with 2 year olds, and her teacher, Ms. Stephanie, says she is doing well. The last week they have been putting her into her new class for a few hours a day to get used to it. She is a little shy but she will open up when she gets more used to the kids in her class. Tonight is open house at her school and Eric & I are both leaving work early to go. I am excited to really get to talk to her new teacher and see her new classroom! I can't believe she is moving up already but I could tell she was ahead of the kids in her last class, because most of them did not talk much. We are both so very proud of her!
Saturday we are going to Party City to get all the decorations for her party next weekend. They have a ton of Abby Cadaby themed decorations, so it will be very cute! Now I just have to order the balloons and buy the food and we're all done! I can't wait to see how she does this year at her party!! Will post the pictures asap!

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  1. i forgot to tell you that i got the invitation in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Thank you SO MUCH for inviting us and i really wish that we could make it, but unfortunately my hubby has to work all next weekend :(
    we wish bella a very happy birthday and hope that yall have a blast at the party!!


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