I can't make up my mind!

January 16, 2009

I am always like this! I change everything a lot, especially my blog backgrounds! So please bear with me. I was going to do a Valentine's background, but can't find any I love. I do like the background I have now, and might keep it for a while, but we shall see!

This weekend I have a 3 day weekend! MLK Day is Monday, and since my job is via the government I will be off relaxing and meeting Eric for lunch @ Maudie's near his work. Gotta love it!

Last night we went to Bella's open house. One thing I noticed about her new teacher is that she calls Bella, "Isabelle". A) Bella's birth name is Isabella, not Isabelle. B) No one calls her by her birth name. We haven't since she was born, Eric and I love that name but for a baby we thought Bella would be better. So I told her teacher that everyone calls her Bella. When we were leaving, she said "Bye Isabelle, see you tomorrow!" Ugh! LOL, I really don't mind her calling her by that, but I worry that Bella might get confused by all the different names. So we will see how it goes. Other than that, Ms. Stephanie says she is doing well in her class. Getting along with the other kids, and although still pretty shy, is starting to talk and open up more. We also met with a local police officer there about child safety seats and at what age and weight they should get new car seats. Very eye opening! All in all it went well! She seems to be having a lot of fun in her new class, so Eric & I are very happy!

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