I found the best store!

January 13, 2009

Okay I usually don't go into places I shop at or anything like that on here, but I had heard about a store near my house called Charming Charlie's. I first went with my friend Audrey to it, and we both loved it! We went to the one in Southlake town square. They have tons of jewelry, watches, handbags, clothing, shoes, sun glasses, etc. for really great prices! Also you can become a member for free and get 10% off your 1st purchase and 5% off every purchase after! So, I took my friend Sonia there in Cedar Park this past weekend because she is going to Vegas this weekend (lucky girl) and wanted some cute jewelry to take. She also loved the place! She got a cute dress and some earrings. I found a cute handbag in a mustard yellow color for my cruise and love it! The website is http://www.charmingcharlie.com/ incase you want to see if there is one near you! I love finding cute new places to shop at!!

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  1. one of the girls that i work with was talking about this place the other day. she said it was awesome. i am going to have to go and check it out!


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