I'm a little sick

January 27, 2009

I didn't want to mention it yesterday since it was Bella's birthday and I wanted the day to be all about her, but I think I got a little bit of food poisoning yesterday. I felt fine in the morning but by noon, my stomach was not happy. I was supposed to leave work @ 2, but left about half an hour early because I felt so bad! I did go with Bella & Eric to Bella's 2 year check up. She weighs 27 lbs. 9 oz. and is 32" long. Her weight puts her in the 50th percentile, but she is a little short and in the 10th percentile for height. Also, she had to get one shot, but did well!
So after we finished at the doctors, I was really feeling terrible, and Eric's mom came to get Bella for the night to help me out. I hated not spending her birthday night with her, but could barely get off the couch let alone play with her.
Today I am feeling a little better. My stomach still feels funny and my body is sore, but I am back at work hoping to make it through today and get my baby girl tonight for some Mommy & Bella time!!

Oh almost forgot... Bella had her first sushi roll on Sunday. Granted it was a veggie sushi roll and she tore it to shreds before she ate it, but she loved it! And no, I didn't get sick from sushi. It was fish I cooked and apparently not long enough!

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