January 29, 2009

I was blog surfing yesterday and came across a blog from a runner in Montreal. She was talking about her favorite places and one name caught my eye. Chalet Barbeque. It's a restaurant in Westmount, Quebec. If you are wondering how a girl from Austin, TX would know of a restaurant in Canada, let me fill you in. My mom was born and raised in Montreal. I've been twice in my life and loved both times! Montreal is absolutely beautiful, only downfall being that no matter what month I go, it's always cold! Chalet was my mom's favorite restaurant, and my mom & dad used to visit frequently when they lived there or in Vermont. Eric & I went with my family about a two and a half years ago for my cousin, Adam's wedding. We got to visit Chalet and try their bbq. Now, coming from a Texas Girl, bbq is supposed to be cooked on a grill over burning hot coals... not in Montreal! It was more of a rotisserie chicken, but was definitely yummy! Me & my family got it to go and ate it in our hotel room, where we reminisced about Mom and what a great person, mom, and wife she was! It'll be a weekend I'll never forget. Thanks in part to Chalet Barbeque!
The picture below is me, my sister, and my Dad infront of the restaurant in Sept. 2006. It was windy and I was pregnant, so please take all that into consideration! Also, Eric was taking the picture, so that's why you don't see him!

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  1. i love the new picture at the top! it is great of all 3 of you!


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