Bella's 2 Year Pictures!

January 12, 2009

All weekend Bella has had a cough. It's not too bad, and I think it's due to Cedar Fever that everyone in Austin gets in January. But needless to say, I hate when she is sick! Saturday was such a busy day for us! We woke up and went to Academy to get a treadmill. Eric and I are trying really hard to work out and get into shape before our cruise in 2 months. Afterwards, we went home because Bella was getting sleepy. She only took about an hour nap, so we call the Picture People to see if we could get an earlier appt, and they were great and had us come in. Bella was so happy and jumping around, right until we took her into the room to get her pictures taken! She got so scared and started crying and would not get on the background. We tried everything. Finally, the photographer put a black background on it that was cloth, and Bella thought it looked like a blankie and was okay. We got some really cute pictures!! I will post below, excuse the trademark on the pictures!
Yesterday, Eric had to work, so Bella, my friend Sonia, and I went to Charming Charlie's for some shopping therapy and then had sushi for lunch! Bella was awesome! She never got upset, she walked around the store which is full of jewelry, purses, shoes, clothes, etc and never tried to touch anything! Even at sushi she ate her lunch and was good! That's my girl!! :)

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