Not a Morning Person

January 13, 2009

I've come to realize that Bella is NOT a morning person. No matter if we wake her up to get ready or if she wakes up on her own, she is not in a good mood in the mornings! This morning, Bella woke up at 5:30 a.m. for some reason, and decided she wanted out of her crib. So we brought her to our bed, but she wasn't having that at all either. Eric got up with her (God bless him for that!) and started getting her ready for daycare. When I woke up I did her hair, brushed her teeth, and got her coat on. She would not take her paci out for anything! When we got to her school, she started crying and would not let me go. Finally the teacher was able to divert her attention and I sneaked out. I hate doing that though because I like saying goodbye and giving her a kiss, but not this morning... Hopefully she'll be in a better mood when I pick her up after work!

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