Bella Update

February 27, 2009

It's funny, no matter who I talk to whether it be on the phone, in person, or via the internets; whoever it is will always ask within 2 minutes of talking to them... "How is Bella doing?" You get very used to answering this question multiple times per day and usually I say something along the lines of "Bella's good, just being a 2 year old." This afternoon I thought to myself, "Why don't I ever go into how beautiful she is and how much she changes almost every day?!" So I am here on my blog to post (and boast!) about my precious daughter. Brace yourselves, this may be a long one!!

  • Bella is getting so big, she grew out of 24 month clothes and into 2T. Yes people she is officially in toddler clothing!
  • Her gorgeous hair is almost half way down her back when wet. Luckily she has just enough curl at the bottom to make it not look that long dry!
  • Her favorite saying is "Now what?!" Everytime she asks me to pick her up for no reason, I'll tickle her and say "Now what?" and lately she repeats it over and over to me.
  • Her newest thing is to carry either her blankie from her bed or her pillow. This worries me because I carried a blankie everywhere until I was 6! Yes you read that right, 6 years old, and hey I turned out just fine...
  • She adores Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny, Elmo, and her favorite of all time... that big purple dinosaur Barney. I litterally know every song he sings now.
  • Her appetite is still good, except for veggies. If I don't mix them into her food enough she will pick through until she can get them as far away as possible.
  • She loves eating yogurt! Every morning she asks for it, except she cannot pronounce it yet, she she has to go to the fridge, open it, and point to it for us to understand she is ready for her yogurt now please!
  • Her favorite shoes are Crocs. She now has 3 pairs of them. Pink, purple, and red. Everytime I go to the outlet mall, I stop at the Croc store to see what's on sale. I scored this last weekend only paying $5 for the red ones!! Go me!
  • She is asleep by 7:15 p.m. every night! We have her schedule set, and it works so well for her. She gets almost a good 12 hours sleep every night. Plus a 2 hour nap at daycare.
  • She is now in a toddler princess bed. She loves it! She will go in her room and play on her bed all the time. Makes her look so grown up when she gets a book, lays on her stomach on the bed, and flips the pages like she is reading.
  • Lastly, and this is a given, but I still try to put it everytime I do one of these... Eric & I absolutely ADORE her! We love spending every free minute with her and cannot imagine how much our hearts could love until we had her. She is the light of our lives!


1st No Meat Friday

Lent started on Wednesday and since I was born and raised a Catholic, today marks the 1st Friday that I can't eat meat. So far so good, breakfast was a bagel with cheese only. Lunch I am going with a co-worker who is also Catholic to Fish City Grill. They have the best fish sandwiches ever, so I think I'll be just fine! I am guessing you are wondering what I gave up for lent... Facebook! I know it kind of sounds corny, but here's my thought process behind it. I have pretty much given up chocolate and cokes to loose those pesky pounds before the cruise. The cruise is during Lent so giving up wine or drinks is a no go. I want to enjoy my cruise to the max! So Facebook seemed smart. I usually check it everday, and have not since Tuesday! So far so good!! Now I have heard that Sundays are the days that you can have or do whatever you gave up because with Sundays Lent lasts around 46 days or so. So all you Catholics out there, what do you think? Have a great weekend!!



February 25, 2009

Well yesterday was a painful day for me. My stomach hurt everytime I moved. I was hurting all through work and when I got home it was almost the same. Luckily, Eric got home early enough to help me out with Bella. I was a slacker and ended up getting hamburgers at Burger King for dinner, because the thought of me standing up for 30 minutes to cook was just not going to happen! Bella ate it up with some apple slices and milk, and then got ready for bed. After she went asleep I took some medicine to help with the pain and it knocked me out! I slept better than I have in months!! So there is always a silver lining somewhere, we just have to find it!


Oh the Pain!

February 24, 2009

Last night after Bella went to bed, Eric and I decided to do some kickboxing in the living room. We have On Demand Exercise which allows us to watch different exercise videos for free. We decided on kickboxing again for the 2nd week in a row. I suck at it, but when I finish I feel like I've really gotten an awesome work out and have actually helped loose a little. Except for last night... Everything went fine until we were doing some type of dolphin twist. Just hearing that I should have said no! But ofcourse the way I am I try to keep up and do everything on the video. So I was twisting like a stupid dolphin when all of a sudden a muscle in my stomach popped and shooting pain started!!! Yep I pulled a muscle in my stomach! Only me could pull a stomach muscle. The muscle hurt so bad I fell straight down and couldn't move for a good 3 minutes. The muscle started twitching like crazy and that made it feel even worse. So after a 10 minute break and drinking plenty of water and I decided to finish the kickboxing and just not go all out for the last 10 minutes. I feel it today though! It is still twitching every few minutes and when I walk or breathe I feel pain. OUCH! So no walking or breathing for me today... jeez!


Family weekend

February 23, 2009

This past weekend was so much fun and Bella just loved it! Friday night we went and got Rudy's bbq after I picked Bella up from school. It went much smoother this time! We had to get Rudy's because next week Lent starts and we cannot eat meat on Fridays. So we took advantage of our last Friday for bbq!! Saturday morning my Dad & Mary came to visit. Bella was so excited! We went to the outlets in Round Rock and Bella got a new pair of red Crocs. She now has 3 pairs and loves them! Afterwards we went to the Salt Lick and ate some delicious bbq sandwiches. It was way past Bella's nap time, so we went home and let her sleep it all off. When she woke up we went to Catfish Parlor and met Eric's parents there to all have dinner. It was nice to let both sets of parents catch up! We took Dad & Mary downtown to see the capital at night and then headed back to the house to watch our Longhorns beat the Sooners in basketball!!! Hook 'Em!! We were very happy and surprised they beat the #2 team in the US! Sunday they left to head home and we went to Eric's parents house so Bella could spend time with them. It was such a great and relaxing weekend. Couldn't ask for more!
We also realized yesterday that we have exactly one month left until our cruise. So I am getting everything in order for Melissa. I am truly excited to be taking a week off to relax!! Desperately needed! On the flip side, I am terrified to not see Bella for 7 days! I've never been apart from her that long, and although I know Mel & Michael will do a terrific job and love her like crazy, I am going to be sobbing knowing I won't see my daughter's beautiful face every morning! Please pray for me that I will be able to relax and have fun and not worry all week!



February 20, 2009

Yesterday during my lunch break, my cell phone starts ringing. I looked and it was a call from my Daddy. (I know I am 27 years old and still call him Daddy and not Dad, he will always be my Daddy!!) I answered and he asked what our plans were for the weekend. Wierd because:
A) My Dad doesn't usually call me especially during the day.
B) He never asks about our plans for the weekend since we live 3 hours away from each other.

So I told him I have a girl's night scheduled but other than that, nothing. So him & Mary are coming this weekend to see us! It's quite a surprise, and a good one at that! My Daddy travels a lot so trying to get schedules set where we can go there and he'll be in town is somewhat hard. So I emailed my girls and told them I will not be at girl's night, (sorry ladies, I promise to go next time!) and tonight we are cleaning and getting the house ready. I am so excited to spend time with them and cannot wait for Bella to see her Papa & Mary!

Oh have to tell this, it was too funny last night. We had put Bella to bed for the night and started a kickboxing thingy on tv to try and work out. About half way through Bella wakes up. So I go in to get her and let her lay on the couch and watch us work out. She gets off the couch and stands infront of the tv. Then she starts kicking and punching the air trying to copy the lady on the tv! It was so funny, she was on her back and trying to do the bicycle move, lol. Eric and I were laughing so hard by the time it ended!


Planning for the cruise...

February 19, 2009

Another thing all my friends and family know about me, I plan everything way in advance! I mean months in advance. I've always been like this, it's inherited from my Mom. She always had birthdays and parties ready with decorations, tons of food, and lots of people. An example is Bella's birthday party. I started planning it in October, her party was the end of January!! I even get the thank you cards out the very next day. It's a touch OCD I must admit, but it sure makes me feel so much better knowing everything is done and ready to go so I am not stressed the day of.
So I already have all the plans made out for the cruise. Of course my very 1st thought last September when we booked the cruise was (actually months prior when we 1st started talking with Eric's family about going on a cruise together) was "Who do I trust enough to let them watch Bella for a whole week?" Followed immediately by "Can I leave my daughter for a whole week?!" So I talked my bf/almost sister Melissa and she immediately said no problem we'll watch her. She is the best! So after much prayer and lots of tears over leaving Bella for a week, we decided she will be fine, it's Mommy who has to get over it. So that was set.
Next our 2 pugs, Tuggy & Roxie. That was another hard one! Finding a place to watch them for a week together seemed to cost around $500. Wow, really cannot afford that! So Eric's friend Chris is coming to house sit and watch the dogs. Thank God for him as well!
Now it's a month away and the reality has come of what to pack, what highways to take to Galveston, how many suitcases can we fit into our trunk, etc. I will be relieved when everything is packed (probably will do that the week prior, another pet peeve of mine!) and we are on our way. If I am not too busy sobbing in the car knowing I won't see my precious daughter's face for a whole week!!


Ugh watching my weight sucks!

February 18, 2009

I have exactly 32 days until Eric & I go with his family on a cruise around the Eastern Caribbean! So exciting, because the last week long vacation we took was on our honeymoon well over 4 years ago! We'll go on mini-vacays to San Antonio or Port Aransas, but not a real vacation.
That's the upside, the downside, watching what I eat and trying to get off my butt at night and work out. Especially when such riveting television is on. (AKA American Idol, House, CSI: Grey's, and Private Practice!) How can I leave the comfort of my couch after a rough day at work, cooking dinner, getting Bella ready for bed, etc. and go to my garage to run on a treadmill?!
So, because I am so lazy, I have now resorted to eating better and eating a lot less. I am not a big girl or anything, but I am wanting to wear those oh so cute Maxi Dresses most of the time, and although they are roomy & don't show too much, they do show when your bottom is just a little bigger than most! So I eat breakfast because without it, I can't concentrate. But for lunch I am eating those weight watcher lunches that have as much taste as eating cardboard. Yum! At dinner I do eat, because I am a Southern girl and know that meat is a must! I stopped drinking Coke products and mainly stick to water all day with just a hint of coffee in the mornings. Wow watching my weight sucks, only 32 days left though thank goodness! Trust me the minute I get on that ship I am running to the buffet!

No Words Just Pictures

February 16, 2009


Valentine's Weekend

This weekend was perfect. It was the type of weekend where I wish I could bottle it and open whenever our day is going badly. It started off with running to pick up my jeans at Nordstroms. Bella was a doll and played with Eric while I tried them on to make sure the alterations were good. Then we went to Eric's parents house and watched the Longhorn Basketball game. They won which automatically make the day better. After the game ended we came home to relax just the two of us. Grandma & Grandpa watched Bella that night so that we could celebrate Valentine's Day. Eric surprised me and took me to Maria Maria downtown for dinner. We had so much fun and the food was pretty good! Afterwards, we decided to come home and go to bed early so we could wake up early Sunday. Sunday we woke up around 7:30 a.m., went grocery shopping, and cleaned the house before Grandpa brought Bella home. Eric & his dad had to put Bella's crib in the attic so Bella & I played in the garage with her stroller, after they were done Eric & I took Bella to the park to play for about 30 minutes or so. She is getting really good at swinging! That afternoon we took Bella to Sesame Street Live and she LOVED it! She danced infront on her seat the whole time! They even brought Elmo balloons out and she didn't ask for one! (Thank God because they were $10 per balloon!! WOW that's expensive!) We did get her a ball with all the characters on it and she loves that. All in all a great weekend! Now it's back to work and another long week before the glorious weekend starts!


Happy Love Day!

February 13, 2009

I know I am a day early, but seeing as how I never post on the weekends, and this one will not be an exception, I will post today and tell everyone Happy Valentine's Day! I hope Valentine's Day is special for you and your special someone. I have 2 special someone's - Eric & Bella, and I will be loving every minute with them this weekend! Tomorrow morning we will be playing at the park and doing a tad bit of shopping, and then going to Eric's parents house that afternoon. Bella hasn't seen them in over a week, and trust me for Eric's mom, that is way too long! Of course Sunday we are going to Elmo Live, and I can't wait to see Bella's expression.

Just a bit off the subject... I picked Bella up from daycare yesterday and she had a cut on her lip. I asked what happened and Ms. Tammy said she fell trying to climb up the slide! Sounds like Bella! She is fine and her lip isn't too bad, so it's fine. She looks so cute with a swollen lip!

So anyway, have a very Happy Valentine's Day. May Cupid's Arrow lovingly bump you this weekend!


Elmo Live Sunday!

February 12, 2009

Thsi weekend is going to be lots of fun. Saturday we are taking Bella over to her Grandparents' house to spend the night. They got back from Vegas on Wednesday and are so excited to spend some time with her and it just coincides with Valentine's Day! We will be picking her up Sunday morning and making sure she gets a long good nap in before we take her to Elmo Live! It's our Valentine's gift to her and we can't wait to see her face when she sees Elmo, Abby, and Zoey on stage infont of her! She's is going to be so excited! I will definitely take pictures and hopefully post asap! Only one more day until the weekend, I can't wait!


Growing Infront of Our Eyes

February 11, 2009

It's so hard to believe how much my little baby girl is turning into a big toddler girl infont of our eyes. She talks all the time, she loves to spend time by herself in her bedroom, she doesn't cry when I drop her off at daycare, infact today she waived and blew me a goodbye kiss! I love that she is learning new things and getting bigger, but I also wish she would stay small for just a bit longer. She has the best manners and it's so adorable! She says please and thank you when she needs something, plus if she thinks she hurt you or got in the way, she will say sorry. It's so adorable, and yet scares me to think about the next 2 years and how big she will get. I know every mom out there knows what I am talking about. But it seems like I can't get a grip on her staying young for a while! She's my little Princess Bella and I love her more than the world knows.


Bella's 1st Dentist Appt!

February 10, 2009

This morning was Bella's 1st Dentist appointment. We went to a pediatric dentist near our home. Eric & I both took her, and she had so much fun before going into meet the dentist because she was able to play wii and some other counting game while waiting for our turn. Once we went in, it was a different story. She cried most of the time and was scared to death! The staff was so nice and her dentist was quick and said her teeth look great! And that we are doing well giving her juice once a day and brushing twice a day! Below is a picture once we got back into our car. It was funny she cried most of the time, but once we left she said "That was fun!"

This one is blurry but she was so excited for a sugar free lollipop!


Bella's Big Girl Bed!

February 9, 2009

On Saturday morning, I thought Bella was getting tired and decided she needed a quick nap before going shopping. I put her down in her crib, watched her on the monitor, and saw her go out of site from the monitor. Within a minute she was screaming at the top of her lungs. I ran into her room to find her hanging on for dear life to the side of her crib, while her feet dangled from the other side! I was horrified and grabbed her quickly and held her until she calmed down. That's when I decided she was too big for her crib! Eric & I went that afternoon and got her a "big girl" toddler bed! It's pink (of course!) and has the Disney Princesses on it. It also came with a toy box and shelves to match. Eric and I worked on it all afternoon and when it was done Bella was ecstatic!! She absolutely LOVES her new bed! It's a toddler bed, so it's low to the ground, and has sides halfway down the bed. Too cute!
Eversince we got it for her, Bella has gone from being 2 to being 15. She loves to spend all her time in her room with the door closed!! We of course open the door back open, but she will spend hours in there looking at all her books, playing with her stuffed animals and dolls on her bed, etc. It's too funny! We'll come in and just sit there and watch her. It's like she aged 10+ years overnight!! Wow they grow fast!!

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What I did for some Rudy's BBQ

February 6, 2009

If you know me at all, you know I love Rudy's BBQ. It is my absolute favorite, and we get it every Friday evening for dinner. Today I had this brilliant idea to pick Bella up, go straight to Rudy's, and meet Eric at home with dinner already there. Brilliant!! Or so I thought... I was trying to decide which one to go to and thought the one down the street from us would be best. I was wrong... The traffic on the nearby street was horrendous! I ended up turning onto a side street and going to a different Rudy's. When Bella & I got there parking was like a mall at Christmas. We drove in circles for a good 5 minutes before we caught a car backing out and zoomed in to get it. Once inside the line was almost outside. No problem, except for Bella wanting to either be held the entire 45 minutes we stood in the line or run around a crowded restaurant. (I held her the entire time trust me!) So we get up to the front and go to order my favorite, Turkey. Problem being that they had just sold out of turkey!!! Are you kidding me?! I begged the guy to try anything to find some turkey for us and thank God he did! He was able to talk his manager into getting the very last of the turkey for us. God Bless the cashier and his manager!! We ended up getting home about 30 minutes after Eric. I figured we would be pulling up at the same time, but after taking well over an hour and a half, I was again wrong. Let me just say, this was THE BEST Rudy's I've ever had. Took blood, sweat, and tears, but I got my yummy turkey sandwiches from the best BBQ ever. What a great weekend it's turning out to be!

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Redesigned blog!

I have to post that I absolutely LOVE how my blog looks now! And I have Ashley Williams at Great Grabbie Designs to thank for it! She did it for free and I am just amazed how wonderful it looks and what an awesome job she did!! Her website is Please check her out! Thanks again Ashley!!



I am so thankful that today is finally Friday! This has truly been a long week. Last night Melissa & I had so much fun and talked over some delicious sushi and wine. We ended up not going to Maki because all the reviews I read said it was more of a grab & go type of place. So we ended up at Mushashino's off Mopac. It is one of the best sushi restaurants in Austin. We talked, ate, laughed, etc. Then we went back to her house to sit and chat a little longer before I headed home. It was a wonderful night!'
This weekend is a total family weekend in my house. We have no plans except to go to the park tomorrow and enjoy this beautiful 75 degree weather! Bella loves to be outside and to run around so why not spend the day getting a little exercise and tan all at the same time?! I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!


Sushi Night

February 5, 2009

Tonight I am taking one of my oldest and dearest friends, Melissa, out for some sushi for her birthday. Granted her birthday was last week, but with everything going on lately we had to push it back. We are going to try a new place in the Arbor Walk called Maki (yeah might have spelled that wrong!) It's a really cool idea, you choose how you want your sushi. You pick what it will be wrapped in, what fish you want inside, toppings, etc. I am so excited!! I am always trying to find new good sushi places which isn't too hard in Austin, but seeing as we live in the outskirts it makes it a little harder.
Anyway back to Mel. So we've been friends since I was 14, which makes us friends for over 7 years (yeah right more like 13!) We don't get to hang out often because of schedules, but when we get together we can't stop talking! We talk about everything, and our husbands have learned to sit directly across from each other so they can hear each other talk. Tonight is a girl's only night, and a way to catch up. I am really excited to get to spend a few hours with someone who's meant so much to me for so long!

Today will be a better day

February 4, 2009

Yesterday Eric and I dropped Bella off at daycare and headed to the DFW area to my hometown. It's about a 3 hour drive and yesterday it was well worth it. We went to say goodbye to a friend I've known for over 10 years. Kristen was a great funny and caring guy. You could tell how great he was yesterday by how many people came for his funeral. I got to see people I haven't seen in years and although it was a day of mourning, it was also a day to rejoice in how awesome of a person he was. Kristen, you will be missed!
We ended up going to the funeral and burial before heading back to Austin. The drive both ways was nice, no traffic, and we were home by 7:30 p.m. The only downfall being that we didn't get to see Bella last night, but will definitely make up for that tonight! My favorite time of the day is in the evening just after I finish cooking dinner and still waiting for Daddy to come home. Bella & I sit on the couch watching one of her many cartoons she loves and just holding her tight. So tonight I am making frozen pizza so that we have more time to cuddle together before Daddy gets home!

11 a.m. update: One of my close friends, Sonia is having a difficult day. Her Grandmother is in ICU right now in India. I don't want to give out all the info on here, but needless to say, please keep her grandmother in your prayers. Thanks!

Sad Day

February 2, 2009

I found out yesterday that a friend of mine passed away over the weekend. His name was Kristen (Kris) Martinez, and he was a great guy. I've known him since high school, and it seems crazy to me that he is gone. I don't want to get into much but Eric and I will be heading home to Grand Prairie tomorrow for the funeral. He will be missed!

On a happier note, we had a pretty good weekend! Bella helped me shop for jeans at Nordstroms Saturday morning. We went to the park a few times over the weekend so she could play and enjoy the beautiful weather. She is learning to swing her legs to help her swing faster and she went down the slide all by herself! By the time we were leaving, she was going on her stomach feet first down the slide. She loved it!!
We also got to have an adult night. Eric's parents watched Bella Saturday night so we could go out with friends. We haven't gone out since before Christmas so it was needed! We went to Casa Garcia's and had delicious enchiladas and Mexican Martinis. We ended up going to Main Event, having a few drinks there, and bowling. It was a lot of fun!

This is me, Sandra, and Sonia at Main Event.

It was good to see them again!

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