1st No Meat Friday

February 27, 2009

Lent started on Wednesday and since I was born and raised a Catholic, today marks the 1st Friday that I can't eat meat. So far so good, breakfast was a bagel with cheese only. Lunch I am going with a co-worker who is also Catholic to Fish City Grill. They have the best fish sandwiches ever, so I think I'll be just fine! I am guessing you are wondering what I gave up for lent... Facebook! I know it kind of sounds corny, but here's my thought process behind it. I have pretty much given up chocolate and cokes to loose those pesky pounds before the cruise. The cruise is during Lent so giving up wine or drinks is a no go. I want to enjoy my cruise to the max! So Facebook seemed smart. I usually check it everday, and have not since Tuesday! So far so good!! Now I have heard that Sundays are the days that you can have or do whatever you gave up because with Sundays Lent lasts around 46 days or so. So all you Catholics out there, what do you think? Have a great weekend!!


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