Bella's Big Girl Bed!

February 9, 2009

On Saturday morning, I thought Bella was getting tired and decided she needed a quick nap before going shopping. I put her down in her crib, watched her on the monitor, and saw her go out of site from the monitor. Within a minute she was screaming at the top of her lungs. I ran into her room to find her hanging on for dear life to the side of her crib, while her feet dangled from the other side! I was horrified and grabbed her quickly and held her until she calmed down. That's when I decided she was too big for her crib! Eric & I went that afternoon and got her a "big girl" toddler bed! It's pink (of course!) and has the Disney Princesses on it. It also came with a toy box and shelves to match. Eric and I worked on it all afternoon and when it was done Bella was ecstatic!! She absolutely LOVES her new bed! It's a toddler bed, so it's low to the ground, and has sides halfway down the bed. Too cute!
Eversince we got it for her, Bella has gone from being 2 to being 15. She loves to spend all her time in her room with the door closed!! We of course open the door back open, but she will spend hours in there looking at all her books, playing with her stuffed animals and dolls on her bed, etc. It's too funny! We'll come in and just sit there and watch her. It's like she aged 10+ years overnight!! Wow they grow fast!!

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