Happy Love Day!

February 13, 2009

I know I am a day early, but seeing as how I never post on the weekends, and this one will not be an exception, I will post today and tell everyone Happy Valentine's Day! I hope Valentine's Day is special for you and your special someone. I have 2 special someone's - Eric & Bella, and I will be loving every minute with them this weekend! Tomorrow morning we will be playing at the park and doing a tad bit of shopping, and then going to Eric's parents house that afternoon. Bella hasn't seen them in over a week, and trust me for Eric's mom, that is way too long! Of course Sunday we are going to Elmo Live, and I can't wait to see Bella's expression.

Just a bit off the subject... I picked Bella up from daycare yesterday and she had a cut on her lip. I asked what happened and Ms. Tammy said she fell trying to climb up the slide! Sounds like Bella! She is fine and her lip isn't too bad, so it's fine. She looks so cute with a swollen lip!

So anyway, have a very Happy Valentine's Day. May Cupid's Arrow lovingly bump you this weekend!


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