Oh the Pain!

February 24, 2009

Last night after Bella went to bed, Eric and I decided to do some kickboxing in the living room. We have On Demand Exercise which allows us to watch different exercise videos for free. We decided on kickboxing again for the 2nd week in a row. I suck at it, but when I finish I feel like I've really gotten an awesome work out and have actually helped loose a little. Except for last night... Everything went fine until we were doing some type of dolphin twist. Just hearing that I should have said no! But ofcourse the way I am I try to keep up and do everything on the video. So I was twisting like a stupid dolphin when all of a sudden a muscle in my stomach popped and shooting pain started!!! Yep I pulled a muscle in my stomach! Only me could pull a stomach muscle. The muscle hurt so bad I fell straight down and couldn't move for a good 3 minutes. The muscle started twitching like crazy and that made it feel even worse. So after a 10 minute break and drinking plenty of water and I decided to finish the kickboxing and just not go all out for the last 10 minutes. I feel it today though! It is still twitching every few minutes and when I walk or breathe I feel pain. OUCH! So no walking or breathing for me today... jeez!


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