Planning for the cruise...

February 19, 2009

Another thing all my friends and family know about me, I plan everything way in advance! I mean months in advance. I've always been like this, it's inherited from my Mom. She always had birthdays and parties ready with decorations, tons of food, and lots of people. An example is Bella's birthday party. I started planning it in October, her party was the end of January!! I even get the thank you cards out the very next day. It's a touch OCD I must admit, but it sure makes me feel so much better knowing everything is done and ready to go so I am not stressed the day of.
So I already have all the plans made out for the cruise. Of course my very 1st thought last September when we booked the cruise was (actually months prior when we 1st started talking with Eric's family about going on a cruise together) was "Who do I trust enough to let them watch Bella for a whole week?" Followed immediately by "Can I leave my daughter for a whole week?!" So I talked my bf/almost sister Melissa and she immediately said no problem we'll watch her. She is the best! So after much prayer and lots of tears over leaving Bella for a week, we decided she will be fine, it's Mommy who has to get over it. So that was set.
Next our 2 pugs, Tuggy & Roxie. That was another hard one! Finding a place to watch them for a week together seemed to cost around $500. Wow, really cannot afford that! So Eric's friend Chris is coming to house sit and watch the dogs. Thank God for him as well!
Now it's a month away and the reality has come of what to pack, what highways to take to Galveston, how many suitcases can we fit into our trunk, etc. I will be relieved when everything is packed (probably will do that the week prior, another pet peeve of mine!) and we are on our way. If I am not too busy sobbing in the car knowing I won't see my precious daughter's face for a whole week!!


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