February 20, 2009

Yesterday during my lunch break, my cell phone starts ringing. I looked and it was a call from my Daddy. (I know I am 27 years old and still call him Daddy and not Dad, he will always be my Daddy!!) I answered and he asked what our plans were for the weekend. Wierd because:
A) My Dad doesn't usually call me especially during the day.
B) He never asks about our plans for the weekend since we live 3 hours away from each other.

So I told him I have a girl's night scheduled but other than that, nothing. So him & Mary are coming this weekend to see us! It's quite a surprise, and a good one at that! My Daddy travels a lot so trying to get schedules set where we can go there and he'll be in town is somewhat hard. So I emailed my girls and told them I will not be at girl's night, (sorry ladies, I promise to go next time!) and tonight we are cleaning and getting the house ready. I am so excited to spend time with them and cannot wait for Bella to see her Papa & Mary!

Oh have to tell this, it was too funny last night. We had put Bella to bed for the night and started a kickboxing thingy on tv to try and work out. About half way through Bella wakes up. So I go in to get her and let her lay on the couch and watch us work out. She gets off the couch and stands infront of the tv. Then she starts kicking and punching the air trying to copy the lady on the tv! It was so funny, she was on her back and trying to do the bicycle move, lol. Eric and I were laughing so hard by the time it ended!


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