Sushi Night

February 5, 2009

Tonight I am taking one of my oldest and dearest friends, Melissa, out for some sushi for her birthday. Granted her birthday was last week, but with everything going on lately we had to push it back. We are going to try a new place in the Arbor Walk called Maki (yeah might have spelled that wrong!) It's a really cool idea, you choose how you want your sushi. You pick what it will be wrapped in, what fish you want inside, toppings, etc. I am so excited!! I am always trying to find new good sushi places which isn't too hard in Austin, but seeing as we live in the outskirts it makes it a little harder.
Anyway back to Mel. So we've been friends since I was 14, which makes us friends for over 7 years (yeah right more like 13!) We don't get to hang out often because of schedules, but when we get together we can't stop talking! We talk about everything, and our husbands have learned to sit directly across from each other so they can hear each other talk. Tonight is a girl's only night, and a way to catch up. I am really excited to get to spend a few hours with someone who's meant so much to me for so long!

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