Ugh watching my weight sucks!

February 18, 2009

I have exactly 32 days until Eric & I go with his family on a cruise around the Eastern Caribbean! So exciting, because the last week long vacation we took was on our honeymoon well over 4 years ago! We'll go on mini-vacays to San Antonio or Port Aransas, but not a real vacation.
That's the upside, the downside, watching what I eat and trying to get off my butt at night and work out. Especially when such riveting television is on. (AKA American Idol, House, CSI: Grey's, and Private Practice!) How can I leave the comfort of my couch after a rough day at work, cooking dinner, getting Bella ready for bed, etc. and go to my garage to run on a treadmill?!
So, because I am so lazy, I have now resorted to eating better and eating a lot less. I am not a big girl or anything, but I am wanting to wear those oh so cute Maxi Dresses most of the time, and although they are roomy & don't show too much, they do show when your bottom is just a little bigger than most! So I eat breakfast because without it, I can't concentrate. But for lunch I am eating those weight watcher lunches that have as much taste as eating cardboard. Yum! At dinner I do eat, because I am a Southern girl and know that meat is a must! I stopped drinking Coke products and mainly stick to water all day with just a hint of coffee in the mornings. Wow watching my weight sucks, only 32 days left though thank goodness! Trust me the minute I get on that ship I am running to the buffet!

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  1. Thanks for the comment! Good for you for trying on the weight. I'm sure you will get to a the size that makes you feel good. As long as you feel healthier and know within yourself you lost some weight...then that's all that matters. Who cares about numbers. I got down to a size 2= 115 lbs and i still felt gross b/c I didn't work out! So you go girl! You are on the right track. ;)


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