Valentine's Weekend

February 16, 2009

This weekend was perfect. It was the type of weekend where I wish I could bottle it and open whenever our day is going badly. It started off with running to pick up my jeans at Nordstroms. Bella was a doll and played with Eric while I tried them on to make sure the alterations were good. Then we went to Eric's parents house and watched the Longhorn Basketball game. They won which automatically make the day better. After the game ended we came home to relax just the two of us. Grandma & Grandpa watched Bella that night so that we could celebrate Valentine's Day. Eric surprised me and took me to Maria Maria downtown for dinner. We had so much fun and the food was pretty good! Afterwards, we decided to come home and go to bed early so we could wake up early Sunday. Sunday we woke up around 7:30 a.m., went grocery shopping, and cleaned the house before Grandpa brought Bella home. Eric & his dad had to put Bella's crib in the attic so Bella & I played in the garage with her stroller, after they were done Eric & I took Bella to the park to play for about 30 minutes or so. She is getting really good at swinging! That afternoon we took Bella to Sesame Street Live and she LOVED it! She danced infront on her seat the whole time! They even brought Elmo balloons out and she didn't ask for one! (Thank God because they were $10 per balloon!! WOW that's expensive!) We did get her a ball with all the characters on it and she loves that. All in all a great weekend! Now it's back to work and another long week before the glorious weekend starts!


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