What I did for some Rudy's BBQ

February 6, 2009

If you know me at all, you know I love Rudy's BBQ. It is my absolute favorite, and we get it every Friday evening for dinner. Today I had this brilliant idea to pick Bella up, go straight to Rudy's, and meet Eric at home with dinner already there. Brilliant!! Or so I thought... I was trying to decide which one to go to and thought the one down the street from us would be best. I was wrong... The traffic on the nearby street was horrendous! I ended up turning onto a side street and going to a different Rudy's. When Bella & I got there parking was like a mall at Christmas. We drove in circles for a good 5 minutes before we caught a car backing out and zoomed in to get it. Once inside the line was almost outside. No problem, except for Bella wanting to either be held the entire 45 minutes we stood in the line or run around a crowded restaurant. (I held her the entire time trust me!) So we get up to the front and go to order my favorite, Turkey. Problem being that they had just sold out of turkey!!! Are you kidding me?! I begged the guy to try anything to find some turkey for us and thank God he did! He was able to talk his manager into getting the very last of the turkey for us. God Bless the cashier and his manager!! We ended up getting home about 30 minutes after Eric. I figured we would be pulling up at the same time, but after taking well over an hour and a half, I was again wrong. Let me just say, this was THE BEST Rudy's I've ever had. Took blood, sweat, and tears, but I got my yummy turkey sandwiches from the best BBQ ever. What a great weekend it's turning out to be!

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