4 Days Left & Counting

March 18, 2009

That title just makes me happy! There is officially 4 days until we leave for vacation! Last night I finished up the laundry and packed Bella's bags. Yes, she has 3 bags going to Mel's house for a week. She's a girl, she's gotta have every article of clothing packed plus her 15 pairs of shoes! You never know what kind of weather we might have here in Texas!
So now that she is all packed, my husband is all packed, and I am almost all packed, I can finally start relaxing and getting excited to go! I do have to mop and dust on Friday night so we don't leave the house a mess for Chris who will be house/dog sitting all week. But that's not too big of a deal!
Bella is going to the doctor's office this afternoon because frankly, she just doesn't sound good. Her breathing is loud and congested, and she started a cough this morning. So to just make sure it's allergies and not a cold or sinus infection right before we leave, I thought seeing Dr. Booker would be best. She loves him, and he's been her doctor since she was born. Let's hope and pray it's allergies!
So, happy Wednesday. Halfway through the week has never been so sweet!


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