The Bachelor

March 3, 2009

So all I've been hearing about is The Bachelor finale last night. Let me first start by saying I did not watch the entire season; just the finale to see what was going to be so shocking. I've watched most of the past Bachelor/Bachlorette seasons, but seeing as they never work out, I decided not to waste 2 months of my life on something that has no ending.
Now before the show started, I LOVED Jason. Thought he and Deanna were perfect for each other. Wow could I have been anymore wrong?! Jason is a scumbag!! I do think Melissa knew in advance as well as Molly about what was going to happen at the After the Final Rose show. It seemed very scripted to me. Melissa came out mad in the beginning before he even said anything to her. But still, who is so spineless to break up with a girl he proposed to weeks before on NATIONAL TELEVISION?!?!? Can you spell JERK! And I could count the 24 times he cried in the 3 hour show! Like he cared so much for both of them. Whatever. I feel bad not only for Melissa, but for his son Ty who was drug through this whole thing to think he found his new step-mom only to find out she won't be. That's terrible on a 4 year old.
Lastly, to only prove my theory about this show being totally scripted, did you see Deanna show up right before the rose ceremony to ask him back? Could she look anymore NON-interested in getting him back?! She should have said, "Look the producers are making me come here to beg for you to take me back, but honestly I just want another minute or two of fame!"
Okay I am done now. Oh yeah, just incase you are wondering, I will of course be tuning in tonight to see what is going on with the 3 of them now. Here's my prediction... Melissa has met a new man and is crazy in love with him. Molly & Jason tried to make it work, but the first time he sensed anything going wrong he dumped her too. Molly is now dating someone new as well. Let's see how close I get tonight to the "truth".


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