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March 16, 2009

This weekend went okay. Nothing too spectacular, but still nice. Saturday I went and got my hair done. Thank goodness because frankly, it was starting to get to me! Hate roots!! Aunt Sandra came over to watch Bella and when I got back we went to lunch. Bella was getting very restless and fussy so we hurried through lunch and got her home to take a nap. She slept almost 3 hours! Her usual is aroun 1 to 2. When Eric got home from work, Sandra & I went shopping for the cruise. We found practically nothing!! I got some jewelry and a light sweater incase it gets cold on the ship. Sandra got the same and a pair of jeans. We were both looking for maxi dresses!
Sunday Eric & I were planning on taking Bella to the fair & rodeo but since it was cold and rainy that was a no. So we ended up going to Chuck E Cheese instead. Let me tell you, that place has changed! We got there early so there weren't any birthday parties or tons of screaming kiddos. The main thing I noticed is that most of the rides and games are for older kids. There were very few Bella could do. And since we bought 80 tokens and every game/ride were 1 token only, we ended up bringing tokens home for later. Bella did well, but didn't seem too excited to be there. We ended our weekend at Eric's parents house because they haven't seen Bella in about a week. We had dinner there and came home. Let's just say last night was rough. Bella didn't go to sleep until 9 p.m. and woke up at 3 & 4 a.m. I finally let her sleep in our bed and I went to sleep on the couch. Getting lots of sleep tonight hopefully!


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