How to Eat Chuy's During Lent

March 6, 2009

Honestly... I have no clue how to go eat Chuy's when you cannot eat meat. Yet during our conversation last night, Eric & I decided to try! He will get fish tacos no doubt, but I don't touch those, so I might have a bit of trouble. Tonight Melissa & Michael are watching Bella for a few hours to get her more acclimated to their house. We have exactly 2 weeks left until she will be staying over there for a whole week. So needless to say we have to get Bella used to them as much as possible! Eric & I are going to relax and eat dinner with a nice margarita.
By the way, why does the weeks preceeding vacation always drag on?! This week was horribly slow, yet I know the next 2 weeks will be worse!! So have a great weekend! Last thing!... I am wearing a white t-shirt with an adorable yellow & white scarf today! Can you tell I love reading Big Mama & Bring the Rain? LOVE those ladies!!


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  1. YUM! My fave tacos...I could eat those every day! Yes, Simone is a big baby's genetic I guess. Cole was the same way! Why me?! But hey, that's what c-sections are for. ;)


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