Island Fever

March 9, 2009

There is a song I just heard by the great Jimmy Buffett (LOVE HIM!) called Island Fever. It describes me to perfection lately! I keep looking at pictures of the beaches in Honduras and Costa Maya so anxious and excited to be going there for the 1st time. I have already packed most of my new clothes that I won't wear until we are on the cruise. Which is just like me to A) overpack & B) Pack wayyy in advance!
Eric & I have pretty much decided on which excursions we will go on at each island. More than that, Eric, Bella, & I danced to Margaritaville over and over again yesterday in our living room! (Side note: I have played that song twice since getting to work today at my desk!)
So yes I officially have Island Fever, and have no way of getting rid of it until we board the cruise Sunday afternoon!!

Less than 2 weeks away!!


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