It's a nice night when I don't have to cook

March 5, 2009

Last night Eric had a meeting after work. This usually happens about twice a month, and when it does, Bella & I usually stop to get a bite to eat after daycare. This time I thought since we can't have Rudy's on our normal Friday due to lent, we'd have it Wednesday. So we drove out there and got the food. She would not let me put her down the whole time we stood in line, which wasn't really long, but still. When we got up there I asked the lady for extra bread because Bella likes to eat it on the way home. She was so nice and gave her a piece of bread while I was ordering. Bella snatched it out of her hand and then quietly said "Thank You." The poor lady just laughed and got our food. I felt terrible! Afterwards when we got home, we ate together and got her ready for bed. She still has not actually gone potty at home yet. We try at least once in the mornings and twice at night. Not happening! We'll keep working and see how it goes. Have a good Thursday!! Anyone have an idea of where Eric & I can take Bella on Saturday to just get away for a bit? We want to have a family day, and Chuch E Cheese scares me to death!!


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