March 13, 2009

I cannot tell you how happy I am that today is Friday. That means I have one more work week until the beautiful beaches and delicious food and drinks are in my sight! This weekend is going to be lot of fun. Tonight we are going to Melissa's house so Eric can play poker with Michael & friends. It's good because Eric gets some much needed fun and Bella gets to spend time with Melissa again!
Tomorrow Eric has to work and I have a hair appointment. (Which by the way, is also much needed!) So Aunt Sandra is coming over to watch Bella for a few hours until I can get home. When I get back Sandra, Bella, & I have a lunch date at Mesa Rosa. A little girl's time before Daddy gets home to watch Bella. Afterwards, Sandra & I are going cruise shopping all afternoon! We will definitely have a blast and gets lots of cute things!
Sunday we are taking Bella to the Rodeo. We're not really going to watch guys on horses rope bulls or anything, but to let Bella go to the petting zoo and carnival. She will love it! She loves animals already. Her favorite is Elephant, and although I am pretty sure they don't have elephants at the rodeo, she will more than likely love it anyway!
So here's to hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend! The stress of packing and getting everything set for the cruise starts Monday... Yea!

Here is a picture of our ship we will be sailing on. Huge is an understatement!!


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