Can the Coughing Stop Please?!

April 21, 2009

Bella started on her antibiotics last night, and eventhough she hated them and tried to spit it out, we finally got it down! About 5 minutes later, she started a coughing fit, and I couldn't help but feel terrible for her. We've stopped giving her milk for now, and are using Baby Vicks religiously at night, but nothing yet is helping. Hopefully, the meds will kick in today. This morning coughing woke her up, and she just sat on my lap in her bed and cried, broke my heart! Please help me and pray she starts feeling better asap and the coughing fits stop. I hate to see my baby girl in pain!

Update: Nothing on Bella as I am still at work, but please help me in praying for Baby Stellan as he underwent surgery in Boston this morning. We are all keeping him and his family in our prayers! I think of how much I worry when Bella coughs, I could not imagine watching my little baby going through a heart surgery! Lord please be with them today and everyday.


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