Going Home

April 16, 2009

Tomorrow after work we are heading back to the Metroplex to visit my family. Next Monday is my sister's birthday so we are going home to celebrate! We'll be taking her to Cuba Libre Saturday for lunch and maybe do a little shopping afterwards! I haven't been home since January, so it's much overdue. We used to get home once a month, but lately with my Dad traveling a lot and our family having plans every weekend, it's starting to get harder to make it there all the time. Which means tonight I am finishing the packing of 3 suitcases, and loading everything into our car before work tomorrow.

I am so excited for Bella to see her Papa, Aunt Tanya, Cousin Austyn, & Mary all weekend. She talks to them on the phone often, but getting to see and play with them will be such a treat for her!


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