Happy Birthday Audrey!!

April 27, 2009

Audrey & me the night before we moved back to Austin.
May 2006

Today is my good friend, Audrey's 27th Birthday!! (Youngin! Haha) Over the past 3 years or so Audrey and I have become very close and I feel that she is truly one of my great friends I will have forever! We talk almost daily online, and try getting together at least a few times per year. (We live about 3 hours away from each other) Her husband, Zach & Eric are good friends as well, and when the 4 of us get together it's nothing but laughs all day! Audrey is such a sweetheart and I wish her the best birthday yet!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY!

On a side note, my sister and her friends are flying in from Cancun today. I hate that she had to come home early from her vacation, but it will be good to know she is home, safe, and healthy. She is going to see the doctor tomorrow to double check she did not catch the swine flu before Austyn gets home. Better to be safe than sorry. So thank you for your prayers, they definitely helped!

Last side note for today: Stellan is going home today!! That is such great news! God definitely listened to the thousands of prayers daily for that little baby boy!


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