Happy Birthday Sis!

April 20, 2009

Today is my sister, Tanya's 35th birthday!! I am so excited and happy for her. Tanya, you know that you're not only my big sis, but also my best friend. I love you and hope that this year is your best one yet!

This weekend was such a blast. On Friday night we headed home to GP. My Dad & Mary were waiting for us when we got there, and Bella was so excited! She stayed up until 11 p.m. which is way past her bed time, but since she doesn't get to spend much time with them, we let her stay up.

Saturday we went to see Carol & Jack, and mainly Jack's Dad who was not doing too well. He will be missed, and it's good to know he is with God, his family, and friends in Heaven now.

Afterwards, we took Tanya to Cuba Libre for lunch. They have the best queso ever!! And if you're a Texas girl like me, queso is very important! That night we met up with Tanya and her friends to celebrate her birthday at the Glass Cactus in Grapevine. That place was so much fun, Eric just loved it! We ended the night by meeting up with some old friends at a nearby bar and catching up with them as well, which was so much fun!

Sunday we had Easter dinner at Dad's and then headed home. Overall, a great weekend!

This morning I took Bella to the doctors, because she has had a cough forever it seems, and this was the 3rd appointment for her to get checked out. She has a sinus infection, and will start on antibiotics tonight. Hopefully it will make her all better asap! Have a good Monday, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! Love you!


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