April 10, 2009

First, happy Good Friday. I am one of the only people actually working at my job today, only because I forgot to ask off for it in time. But that's okay because on Sunday we get to celebrate Easter with Bella! Last night I was sitting with her and tried to tell her about the meaning of Good Friday & Easter. She listened like a 2 year old would, and then proceeds to say "Easter Bunny!!" It made me laugh how excited she is, so maybe when she is 3 we can talk again about how wonderful God is and what sacrifices he made this weekend. Her daycare had their Easter party yesterday and Bella got her own little Easter basket and got to Easter egg hunt. She brought home a ton of eggs (aka candy) and wanted to play with them all night. I let her have 1 Hershey Kiss and when she was done it was all over her! Sooo cute!

Tomorrow we have many errands to run that are usually left until Sunday. I am in desperate need of work sandals and springy tops, so we'll be heading to the outlets. Also at the Dell Diamond the Budweiser Clydesdales are showing so we want to take Bella to see them.

Sunday we are going to mass at 7:30 a.m. Bella will be up way before then anyway, so hopefully being so early will avoid the massive crowds. We're going to Eric's parents for Easter lunch, and then I will be making a little mini-Easter dinner for the 3 of us.

From The Muñoz Family to yours... Happy Easter!


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