Mommy is Always Right!

April 3, 2009

Last night shockingly enough, Eric had a meeting after work. Actually if you call eating and having some beers with fellow managers a meeting, but whatever! :) LOL, anyway, so Bella and I decided we would try Mommy's way to go to bed. Let me tell you, it worked wonderfully! We ate dinner and then played a while, when she started getting tired we laid on the floor with her blankie and bunny. Eric got home around 7:30 and saw that she was sleepy, so he layed with us watching tv until 8. I then asked if she was ready for night nights and she said yes. She was out like a light! GO MOM!

That is... until 2 am this morning when her cough woke her up! She came to sleep with us and I could tell her fever had come back, so after an hour of her tossing and turning, I gave her some Children's Tylenol for the fever and she fell asleep between Eric and I. All in all, not a bad night.

Incase you were wondering, Dr. Booker said she just has a cold, and a ton of kiddos have come in lately with the same symptoms. We got her baby saline spray for her nose to help with the crud that's in there and to help with the cough as well. Thank God it wasn't anything worse!

Have a great weekend, and we'll see you Monday. By the way, tomorrow morning Bella is going on her 1st Easter Egg Hunt! All the family is coming to our house and our neighborhood is putting it on for all the kids! (We live in a wonderful neighborhood!) I'll take lots of pictures and post asap. Happy Hunting!


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