My Poor Hubby!

April 15, 2009

While we were on vacation Austin got hit with the worst hail storm in it's history. Lucky us my car was in Galveston, and the car Eric had did not get a dent. Great for our house, bad for the people of Austin, worse for Eric and his job! He is a branch manager at a rental car company in South Austin. Let's just say that since he got back, he hasn't stopped working. He's working non-stop all day, and has been calling me frustrated because they don't have enough cars in the entire city to cover the amount of people needing rentals while their cars get fixed.

Eric is not someone who stresses, that's usually my job since becoming a Mom. Lately, he has come home stressed out almost nightly. I hate seeing him like this, and although I know it's really a good thing for his company and for him to be so busy, I just see the toll it's taking on him. Please help me pray that his job gets just a little less stressful and he returns to his normal happy go lucky self! Thanks!


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