No Sleep for 3 Days in the Muñoz Household

April 1, 2009

Bella is having a terrible time going to bed every night. Sunday night she slept between Eric & I in bed. She literally hit me in my eye while she slept, thank God she is only 2 and cannot hurt a fly yet! Monday night Eric was so frustrated with her not going to bed, I volunteered to sleep on the couch and let her take my spot in bed. We all got a good night's sleep, but when I woke up, my back was in so much pain. So I told him that last night I was going to bed super early and in my own bed! For the 1st time ever, I went to sleep before Bella.
We tried for 2 hours to get her to bed, but it was a no go. I was falling asleep sitting on the couch when Eric told me to go ahead and get some sleep. I reluctantly said okay and passed out right when my head hit the pillow. About 10 p.m. I woke back up and noticed Eric hadn't come to bed yet, so I went to check. The cutest thing ever... Eric was asleep on the floor beside Bella's bed. They were both out so I woke him quietly and had him come to bed. She slept in her own bed all night!!! Progress people!! Let's just pray tonight I can make it past my daughter!


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