Overprotective Mommy

April 30, 2009

This weekend was going to be filled with carnivals, face painting, great Texas Country music, and art. That was until I went into "Overprotective Mommy Mode". I have been diligently listening to the news and radio about the swine flu. Schools are starting to close down, Obama urging Americans to stay away from large crowds, and me having a 2 year old. They just don't mix. So no "Festival Weekend" like Eric & I had planned. Instead we will be looking at houses (more on that in future posts), and playing games/watching Phinneas & Ferb inside our home all weekend.
Question of the day... Are any other parents out there as worried as me?!


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  1. I am. They closed our whole school district and I pulled Dean out of daycare until we go back. I haven't been over to see Maura's little baby since they left the hospital because I'm afraid we might have been exposed to the swine flu. I also kept him home from church on Sunday just to be safe. I'm trying not to panic but take precautions. I'd always rather be safe than sorry.


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