Rain Rain Go Away...

April 17, 2009

This morning the weather is terrible, and it's looking like it will rain all day. No good for us who are driving 3 hours tonight after work. I hate driving on 35 especially in the rain. There is always construction somewhere and it gets down to one lane, which itself is dangerous! We'll just go slow and get there safely.

Tomorrow I pray it will be beautiful and sunny in the DFW area! I am so excited to see my family, and I just want to have fun and no worries all weekend. Bella is already saying "I'm going to Papa's!" all morning! We had to keep reminding her that she has to go to school first and then we'll go to Papa's. She also keeps asking if she gets to see "Ausyn" (her cousin & my Godson, Austyn), I can't tell you how excited she gets when she gets to see him. He is 9 years old, smarter than any kid his age, and just loves Bella! They can play together for hours, and when they get together they usually do!

So, I hope everyone has a safe, fun, & dry weekend!


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  1. I hope you ended up having a nice sunny day! I don't like driving in the rain either, especially not up and down the hill I live on!


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