Relaxing Weekend

April 6, 2009

This weekend was so nice. Bella had her 1st Easter Egg Hunt and Eric's whole family came to watch. She did really good and got 5 Easter Eggs! Doesn't seem like much but there were tons of kiddos going for the eggs. When the lady said go, Bella ran out and forgot to grab any eggs! So I ran over to help her. She did great and afterwards she rode on a pony and went on a choo-choo train ride! (Her words exactly!) Sat night Eric and I went to watch "Knowing". Whew that was a wierd and yet still terrible movie. I love Nic Cage, but that movie came wayyy out of left field! Then we went to Chuy's for some dinner and I fell asleep around 7:30 p.m.! That's how I roll! Haha, I was so exhausted, the lack of sleep just finally caught up on me!
Sunday was just a normal clean the house & play with Bella type of day. I was able to upload the pictures from the cruise, and post them. Tonight we are going over to Mel's for fajitas! Bella loves them so it will be lots of fun! Have a great Monday!


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