Weekend Review

April 27, 2009

Update: My sister and her friends are in Mexico for vacation. They are being told to get home asap because of the swine flu outbreak. Please help me in praying for their safe arrival back to the states, and that none of them catch the flu! Thanks!!

This weekend was fun and yet still trying to get healthy again. Friday night I met friends at Mesa Rosa for a drink after Bella went to bed. It was nice to catch up with them and relax a bit.

Saturday we ran errands with Bella all day and got to play in the driveway with her new sidewalk chalk. She loved it! The weather was yucky all weekend, so we mainly stayed indoors. Saturday night we went to Carlos N Charlie's with Sandra & Mark and ended up at Third Base playing darts with some of their friends. It was a lot of fun and great to get out for a bit. I was coughing the whole time but managed to still have fun and have a beer as well! Ofcourse I was DD since heavy drinking was out of the question!

Sunday we cleaned and grocery shopped, and relaxed the whole day.

I am still fighting whatever it is I have, and hoping it gets better asap. I hate coughing and feeling crappy all the time! Today I woke up and my left eye is bright red and yucky. It's not pink eye, because I've had that before and it's painful. This doesn't really hurt, just hard to see. The coughing has since stopped, which is a plus. Just wanting to feel totally better already!


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