Bidding On A House!

May 3, 2009

On Saturday we went out and looked at 15 houses around our neighborhood and in Round Rock area. We love the house we're in now, but we're growing out of it. All of Bella's toys are in the dining room, and now she has a full size bed which barely fits in her room. We're looking at a 2 story house with a game room. That way she has plenty of space to play in, plus we can put our foosball table and Playstation for the adults!

We found 2 houses we love, and decided on one to put a bid on. It's a little more than we want to spend, so we'll see how low the seller will go. If they don't get to what we want to spend, then we have house 2 to bid on. We're really excited at the prospect of owning our own house again and finding a home that Bella can grow up in! Wish us luck!!


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