Day Off

May 28, 2009

Yesterday ended up becoming a day off of work for me. I did go to work and was there for about an hour before Bella's school called and said she wasn't feeling well. So I hurried and got her. She definitely wasn't herself, and her head was warm, so we went home and relaxed on the couch with Phinneas & Ferb cartoons and lots of water to drink. She seemed to feel better after her nap and wasn't running a fever, so we played and colored. Eric's mom came to get her at 3 so she could watch her today if she still wasn't feeling well. Eric had a meeting after work and got home around 8:30, which allowed me time to pack some boxes from Bella's room.
After he got home, we went to Mel's for a bit and then headed to Jardin Corona for some dinner. There was a teenage birthday party there, so we quickly ate and left. (Just not wanting to hear yelling all night on a Wednesday!) It was a fabulous day, and it's already Thursday!! Gotta love 4 day work weeks!!


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