Going Overboard!

May 11, 2009

I am starting to think that I am going overboard on the new house. We haven't even gotten the keys yet, and I already know what colors we're painting the kitchen, the master bedroom, and Bella's room. Plus I've decided on a new coffee and end table for the living room and for some new decorations and how the living room will look once we're all moved in and set! Whew that is a lot now that I'm typing it out, but it's totally me to plan wayyyy ahead! I always know exactly what's going on every weekend (which is a must anyway if you're a Mommy!), and now with the house I am getting ahead of myself! It's just so easy to see how you want the house to look inside your head, and have it finally come to life.
Okay I'm starting to babble, but just know that I cannot be more excited and nervous about buying a house. This is our 2nd house to own, but because it's the 1st since we had Bella, we feel like 1st time homeowners all over again!
Did I mention that I am now addicted to HGTV?! Property Virgins, 1st Time Home Owners, Etc. I can't get enough!!


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