Great Memorial Weekend!

May 26, 2009

We had so much fun this past weekend! My Dad & Mary came up Saturday early afternoon, which allowed us to run some errands beforehand. The shoes I talked about in an earlier post did not fit Bella very well, so we took those back, went to Target and got her some bright pink Converse. She LOVES them! And they are totally adorable on her! We made it back in time for Bella to take a quick nap before Papa & Mary arrived, so when they got there she was in a great mood. We ended up taking them to HEB (they don't have those in the DFW area, and my Dad loves that store!) and then went to look at our new house. They loved the house, which made me very happy! Afterwards, we ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Gumbo's. It was awesome! The funniest thing being that it's a romantical dimly lit restaurant, and Bella decided to say very loudly, "I need to Poop Mommy!!" I ran her to the restroom, while everyone around us laughed!
Sunday we woke up, had breakfast and headed to San Antonio. We got there and it was sunny and hot! We went to the Alamo and saw our name in it. Dad hasn't seen that before, so it was neat! We then went across the street to the Riverwalk, and decided to eat at an Irish Pub. Great food and drinks, and then got ready to go when it started down pouring! So we ordered another drink and decided to wait it out. Bella fell asleep on me for about 30 minutes and when the weather cleared, we headed back home. Dinner was the best! Mary made bbq'd shrimp, which was delicious!
Monday (Memorial Day) Dad & Mary had breakfast before heading home. We decided to take Bella to Grandma & Grandpa's where we had awesome fajitas & bbq. All in all, a great weekend!!
Today is the inspection on the house. We're a little worried, but hoping nothing is too bad!! Will keep updating when possible!
Have a great 4 day work week!

The Munoz Family-San Antonio

Bella with Papa & Mary


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