Mother's Day Weekend

May 11, 2009

It kinda sucked.... I did get a nice little gift card from Eric & Bella to Sephora, and a sweet card from his parents. Our family just felt "off" this whole weekend. Maybe because of buying the house stress, maybe from the lack of sleep due to Bella waking up every morning at 2 a.m. sharp screaming until she gets to come sleep in our bed, etc. We just kept getting upset at each other and Bella kept acting out in public.
Mother's Day was nice though. Eric & Bella woke me up promptly at 8 a.m. with a "Happy Mother's Day!!!" We then proceeded to go grocery shopping where every husband was getting flowers for their wives. Afterwards we went to Michaels to get a apothecary jar. They had one left, and while trying to figure out which fruit would look good in it, Eric happened to break it. Yeah that's how the entire weekend went...
We did end on a good note, he took me to Maki for sushi lunch, which was yummy. Then we went to his parents to celebrate with his mom, had a wonderful dinner and went to his basketball court on the side of his parents' house to let him and Bella play. We all had a beer, and relaxed in the breeze of the evening. Just wonderful!!
I am so happy to be a Mommy to Bella. Eventhough it wasn't the best weekend we've ever had, she still made me smile a dozen times this weekend. She truly is the light of our lives, and I'm so proud to be her Momma!
To all my friends and family that are Moms or about to be... I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!
Update on the new house: We went Saturday morning and decided on all the paint colors, found a new coffee table for the living room, and the lights we want for the kitchen and entry. We got approved for the loan, and the inspection is Wednesday morning!


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