Our Silly Goose!

May 1, 2009

I don't post enough about my daughter and how adorable she is, so here is another one. She is fiercely independant until she gets sleepy and then it's back to being 2 again and wanting Mommy & Daddy to hold her until she falls asleep. Our nickname for her (one of many) is Silly Goose. We call her that everytime she does anything remotely funny. For instance, last night we went to Eric's parents' house for dinner. She had so much fun over there like always, and when we were leaving we got her into her car seat and she was waving and saying "Bye Bye Grandma & Grandpa" and all of a sudden she says "Shake your BOOTY!!" Eric & I stopped and just busted out laughing. We don't know where she picked that up from, but it was hilarious! She loves to make us laugh so she kept saying it over and over on the ride home.
Last night was the 1st night she actually went to bed in her own bed without us and slept the entire night on her own. She used to do this every night, but for the last 2 weeks that she has been on antibiotics, she doesn't go to bed on time and wakes up every night and comes to our room. I am hoping it was due to her medicine and now that she is finished and healthy, it will go back to normal. Hoping is the key word here!
We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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