May 29, 2009

Fridays always make me smile! Even when it was a 4 day work week, and I only worked 3 days! Still seemed somewhat a long week!
This weekend is jammed packed! We going to pick paint colors for the house tomorrow morning. Then we have to go to Academy so I can get some Soffee shorts for the river next weekend. Saturday evening we are meeting one of my friends from back home affectionately known as "Ritter" (her real name is Jessica, but back when we were 18 and met, I knew so many Jessica's, I called her by her last name.) We're going to one of my favorite pizza places, Frank & Angie's. Yum!! Afterwards, we're meeting Eric's sister & her husband for drinks. Sunday is cleaning and packing boxes all day!
We've decided to wait a week after we close to move in. The weekend right after we close on the house, we're going to paint the formal dining, formal living room, Bella's room, & our master bedroom. That way we have a week to let the paint fumes go away before having to live in it! I am truly excited to know that in 3 weeks we're moving into our dream home!
Have a great weekend!!


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