What a Nice Weekend!

May 18, 2009

Saturday, we drove around the area looking at houses for sale. We actually found quite a few we can look at just incase the house we have a bid on falls through. We'll know more by tomorrow. We also went on walks around the neighborhood and let Bella run like crazy. She loved it! Eric's parents' called and asked if they could watch Bella Saturday night since they hadn't seen her in a week. So we abliged and they came to get her Saturday afternoon. Saturday night we had a date night and it was a blast! We went to the Alamo Draft House and watched "Angels & Demons" which was fantastic, plus got to drink wine (me) & beer (Eric) while eating dinner and watching the movie all together. We loved it!

Sunday we cleaned house, did yard work, and went grocery shopping all before Bella came home. When she got here, we went to Lowe's and Best Buy, did some more walking, and just had a fun relaxing day! It was a good weekend!

This weekend coming my Daddy & Mary are coming to visit. We're all going to the Riverwalk in San Antonio on Sunday. Probably stop by the Alamo to see our family name (Yes there was a Badillo who fought for TEXAS in the Alamo!!) and just have a lot of fun. I am so excited to have them come back and visit again. Bella misses both of them like crazy! So happy Monday! Let's hope it's a good week!


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