Weekend Review

June 29, 2009

Saturday was a fun day. We had to run a ton of errands, so in the middle of it we decided to stop at Mama Fu's for lunch, which was yummy except for the fact, Bella dropped her drink on the floor, and we had to move to another table because it was so sticky! She was really good all day and loves to shop (girl after my own heart!) When we got home, we all laid down for a quick nap. Eric's parents came over around 5 to pick her up for the night and she was so excited to see them! Afterwards, Eric & I went to Alamo Draft House to see "The Hangover". I thought it was going to be a total guys movie, but I have not laughed so hard in a while! We both really liked it and we were laughing all night afterwards. After we left we went to Brian's birthday party, and only stayed for about an hour because Eric was having a allergy attack and couldn't stop sneezing! So we left and met up with Travis at Little Woodrows for a drink. All in all a fun night!
Sunday Bella came home and we cleaned and played all day. Typical Sunday for us!
Now I am ready for a 4-day week!! July 4th here I come!


Finally Getting to Unpack

June 25, 2009

Last night was great. It was low-key and we got to stay home ALL NIGHT! Haven't done that since we moved in. For starters I got to cook my first dinner in the new house, and LOVED it! Bella is right near me now snacking and watching cartoons, so I get to cook a lot more and faster than I used to. I made baked chicken with rice & gandules. (A type of bean for those who are not Spanish friendly, lol pretty much people like me) Afterwards we got Bella into a bath, and then started unpacking the master bedroom. I finally have all my clothes unpacked and hung up or folded in the correct drawers. I cannot handle living out of suitcases or boxes, so after we finished last night, I felt like I could breathe just a little better.
Bella was wonderful of course! We have large mirrors in our master bath, so the whole time we unpacked she sang and danced infront of the mirror at herself! Too Cute! Eric and I just watched her in awe how big she is getting and how fiercely independent she is now. I just love her to pieces!!
Tonight we are working on the study and formal dining room. We ordered a huge dining room table last weekend and need to have that area clean and unpacked before they deliver it. Can't wait until it's all unpacked and we're completely done!
Happy Thursday!!


Ahhh BBQ @ the Salt Lick

June 24, 2009

Last night Eric & I met his friends for his birthday dinner at the Salt Lick. His friend Steve lives just north of San Antonio, so it's far enough south that he can drive up to meet us. We had so much fun! The guys are all really sweet & hilarious, so dinner flew by. And not to mention the bbq was delicious! I can't do that "all you can stuff in your mouth" dish, so I opted for the Turkey sandwich, which was great! After dinner we went to the patio area to hang out for a few more minutes. Driftwood is a dry area, so the Salt Lick is byob. So we all sat out enjoying a beer, when a group of at least 20 college kids came over with a keg! A keg?! It was a Tuesday night for goodness sake! Or maybe I'm just old...
Also last night our awesome Texas Longhorns Baseball team beat LSU!!!
Tonight is the last game and we'll be cheering them on to a National Championship!!!
Last thing, Happy birthday Brian!
I cannot say thank you enough for your prayers for Jack. He went in Tuesday morning and the tumor had shrunk!!! Can you believe it?! So he did not have to have surgery after all. Thank the Lord!!
GOD is Good!


3 Day Weekend Post

June 23, 2009

This weekend was tiring and exciting all in one. On Saturday morning, bright & early, we woke up grabbed some Sonic breakfast and headed to get our 25' U-Haul Truck. That thing was massive! We moved all day Saturday in the heat, and we have to thank some of our friends and family for helping! Mom & Dad, Melissa & Michael, Sandra, Chris, & Trav, thank you all for your time and help getting us moved in! We cannot thank you enough!

So when all was said & done, we had a half broken entertainment center in our living room, a few of us watched as Eric desperately tried to get it put back together & when he was done the poor thing was slouching to one side! All of us were laughing so hard and that poor old piece of furniture! So, Sandra & I headed out and got an adorable new tv stand for the living room. LOVE it! Sunday night we actually celebrated Father's Day and took Eric to Rudy's for dinner. Bella was a little "plugged" up and during the entire time we sat there eating dinner, she kept grunting and saying "Poo!!" It was embarrassing and sad to say the least. But when we got home, she went potty and was okay. I have found something that magically gets my family on the couch together for at least 10 minutes... Popcorn!! Eric, Bella, & I love it and whenever I make some, they come running! So we had that before Bella went to bed, and then Eric & I watched "He's Just Not That Into You" and it was cute!

We took Monday off, and did some more furniture shopping, and ended up ordering a dining room table. We're planning on having Christmas at our house this year with Eric's family, so it will be much needed! Now I just have to figure out how to make a turkey by December! ;) Last night we all went to Logan's Roadhouse to celebrate Father's Day, and Bella did wonderful, thanks to her Uncle Mark. Mucho Appreciated!

Happy Tuesday!

Here's a picture of Bella from last night wearing my sunglasses! Too precious!!


Happy Father's Day!

June 19, 2009

I won't get to post again until Tuesday, so I wanted to wish Eric, my Daddy, & Eric's Dad all a happy Father's Day! We hope this will be a great day for you!
This weekend we are MOVING!!! I can't tell you how much I am ready to be moved in and done. It's exhausting painting, packing, moving, etc. I am ready to be done!
So last night for Eric's birthday, I took him to Tomo Sushi. We LOVE this place and haven't been in months. Lately, with trying to save $$ for the house, sushi has taken a back seat when we are eating out. So last night we went, had so much fun, & ate delicious sushi!!
Afterwards we went to Home Depot (crazy people partying like that on a Thursday night!) and got some 2" blinds for the master & Bella's bedrooms. Try getting 72" blinds into a small car, not pretty... but we managed to get them to the new house in one piece and the car is fine. All in all a great night, and Eric said he had a great birthday!
Have a great weekend, and when you're relaxing by the pool tomorrow, think of me moving boxes all day...
Very Important!!
Please help me in praying for Jack, my Dad's best friend. He is going in for surgery on Tuesday and needs as many prayers as possible! Thanks!!


Happy 28th Birthday Eric!

June 17, 2009

Today is my wonderful husband, Eric's 28th Birthday!!

As anyone who knows us, knows that Eric & I have been together since the beginning of man, aka almost 10 years. We've been through ups & downs, tons of weddings (best being our own!), disasters, deaths, births (again best being our daughter Bella), and many more wonderful times. Eric is my best friend, the person that I know I can confide anything & everything to, and always do. He is my rock, the one I lean on in the hard times, and the one I want to celebrate with in the good times. I am happy to celebrate him turning another year older, and hope to celebrate 75 more with him! I love you Honey!!

Typical Eric pose... HOOK 'EM HORNS!

In Costa Maya, Mexico May 2009

Happy Birthday Eric!!

Love you!


Go Bella!!

This morning Bella did something she hasn't done before... she went pee-pee in the potty right after waking up! She never asks to go in the morning because even though she is only 2, she acts about 16 when we have to wake her up at 6 a.m. This morning, she woke up and immediately asked Daddy to go potty! That's my big girl!! Such a proud Momma!
So today is my hubby's last day to be 27! He gets the fun job of going to get a new driver's license during lunch today to mark the occasion! We've been told that since Texas changed their driver's licenses, it's taking about 6 weeks to come in. Joy... Tomorrow my post will be completely dedicated to Eric and his 28th Birthday! (Which coincides with National Sushi Day!!!) Does it get any better than this? I think not!


When Will the Packing End?!

June 16, 2009

Easy answer... Friday. The day before we move. Sucks...
Last night Eric packed up the guest room and took the bed down, while I did a ton of laundry trying to get as much clothes, sheets, & towels cleaned before we move. What a fun night it turned out to be! My loving hubby found our wedding dvd, so we popped it in and let Bella see her parents on one of the happiest days of their lives. She kept pointing out all the people she recognized in the video and kept asking where's Bella? Too cute! We also found a ton of pictures from when we were dating, that was too funny for words! It really was a fun walk down memory lane.
Melissa & Michael stopped by to drop off some boxes for us, & I gave her a pregnancy book, and a little bit of my maternity clothes. She finds out next Wednesday what they are having, and I can hardly wait!! I am hoping for a boy so we can live vicariously through them! They seem to both think they are having a girl, which would be great too, because I have tons of barely worn clothes to give her. Either way, I am going to spoil that baby like they are my own! Already love them!!
Today we are packing the master bedroom which mainly consists of clothes and shoes. Eric is determined to move some of the boxes over to the new casa as well. Will keep you updated on this riveting story as it progresses... :p
Also, make sure to check out my other blog on shopping, movies, etc. I don't update it daily, but try to as often as possible.



June 15, 2009

On Friday we closed on our new house! We are so excited to know we are homeowners again and Bella was extremely excited to go the the new "big house"! It was a great day in our books!
The rest of the weekend was not so hot. (Other than being about 100 degrees outside.) We painted for 9 hours straight both days. We got Bella's room painted, the master done, and the formal dining and living almost done. My hands hurt so badly all weekend! I have never had such a hard time picking up a pen before as I did this morning. Along with paint all over me yesterday, and totally exhausted by last night, it was a rough weekend! I am super excited that we're pretty much done painting and this weekend is just moving, and we're completely done!!!!
Also, Miss Audrey, I love you more than words can say! You're gift card to Starbucks came in handy at 7 a.m. Saturday morning for Eric & I! You are way too sweet and I can't thank you enough! Love ya!


Oh The Joys of Moving...

June 10, 2009

Right now we are well underway with packing up our house. Our study has become the place to put the boxes for now, and just close the door so no one can see! Everynight, I dream about laying on a couch watching HGTV after Bella goes to bed, and everynight my reality is cleaning the area under the bathroom sink, and boxing anything that's been used in the past year.
Oh the joys of moving...
The majority of dilemmas comes from me not knowing if I might need to use something within the next week before we move into the new house. My kitchen is completely done with the exception of the plates, pots & pans, cups, and cleaning agents. Bathroom has a roll or two of tp, and an extra bar of soap just incase!
Oh the joys of moving...
I am not wanting to touch any of our closets yet, because there are way too many outfits we MIGHT wear in the next 7 days, that we haven't worn in years... Lord help me!


Painting Weekend Ahead

June 9, 2009

The title pretty much sums up this coming weekend. Friday we are officially closing on our new casa!!! Woo-Hoo! Then heading to Lowe's & Home Depot to buy paint, blinds, brushes, etc. Then going home to quickly fall asleep, so we can be up at the break of dawn Saturday morning. Not really looking forward to that, but it's the norm in our house anyway with a toddler.
Saturday & Sunday are "paint the new house days" (should that be in caps?) Anyway, we are painting Bella's room, our master bedroom, and finally finishing with the formal living and dining rooms. Whew it's going to be a loooong weekend. Will take before & after pictures, and promptly post Monday morning!


Pictures from the Weekend

Audrey & me @ Gruene Hall -Oldest Dance Hall in Texas!

The 4 of us getting ready for the Comal!

Zach & me @ Eric's Party

Love this Girl!
Can you tell we were both burned & exhausted here?!

We had such a wonderful weekend and can't wait for the next one! Overall, the 2nd Annual Tubing Trip was a success! Thanks Zach & Audrey for making it down here!


Great Fun Filled Weekend!

June 8, 2009

Let's just mainly talk about Saturday! That was a fun day! We took Bella to Grandma's and headed to Gruene, TX. Zach, Audrey, Eric & I went to the Gristmill for a delicious lunch. Afterwards we went tubing on the Comal. I am going to skip over the part where I nearly drowned and my strong hubby had to save me, and just get to the part where we had a great relaxing time with great friends! There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and a lovely 95 degrees! LOVED IT!
We got home about an hour later than we thought we would, so the whole idea of taking a nap went straight out the window. We all got clean & ready to go, and then started cooking & decorating for Eric's party. We had so much fun that night with friends we haven't seen in forever. Great time was had by all!
Sunday I realized just how burned I got on my arms, and how badly I hurt my (already bad) ankle. After having breakfast with Zach & Audrey, we went and got Bella, who was sick. She ran a fever all day and all last night. We think it's due to her ear infection, and she is on antibiotics for it, so hopefully she will have a better day today.
Tonight is Eric's family birthday dinner. I hope Bella's okay going to dinner and all. Will keep you updated! Happy Monday!


Tubing, Tanning, and Celebration Festivities!

June 5, 2009

It's finally Friday, which means the festivities finally begin! Today Eric & I have tons of errands to run for the big shindig tomorrow. Zach & Audrey will be getting in tonight and we'll have lots of catching up to do with them. Tomorrow we will be tubing the Comal, beer in hand, enjoying the sun!
Tomorrow night is Eric's 28th Birthday Party!
We'll be bbqing, I'm making queso & guacamole, along with some delicious Pina Coladas! Eric's birthday is actually mid-June, but since we'll be moving those weekends, we decided to have it earlier. Will take lots of pictures and post only the good ones here! Have a wonderful weekend!!


Great Weekend Ahead!

June 4, 2009

As it gets closer and closer, Eric & I get more and more excited for this coming weekend. Zach & Audrey are coming up tomorrow night, there's an awesome weather forecast for the weekend, and we're celebrating my hubby's birthday! Can't get better than this!
So now I am wishing it was Saturday afternoon and we are floating the Comal just relaxing with friends and a cold beer, instead of sitting at a desk typing on a computer... Countdown is On!
On a seperate note, we're deep into packing boxes for the big move! We still have 2 weeks until we are actually moving into our new house, but I am OCD about having everything packed and ready to go before hand. The kitchen is pretty much done with the exception of plates and pots & pans we will cook with until then. Also the study is done and Bella's room is 1/2 way done. Too much stuff! I am all about giving things to Goodwill that we haven't used in ages, but Eric's a total pack rat. So we're not really seeing eye to eye about packing. Does make for an exhausting night EVERY night!


Got to See the New Casa!

June 3, 2009

Our realtor called last night and said she was in the area and if we wanted, she could let us in to see the house. We jumped at the chance! I put Bella in her pj's and we headed over after dinner. She was really sweet to take time out and let us in, and we took full advantage!
We looked at all the rooms, let Bella run around the backyard, and just tried to decide how to set up the furniture in the house. We're so excited and cannot wait to get in and settled into the new house!
On a side note: This weekend cannot get her quick enough!! We are so excited to go tubing Saturday. The forecast is sunny with a high of 101! Perfect for tubing the Comal River. Zach & Audrey are coming up and we can't wait, they're such good friends of ours and we don't get to see them as often as we'd like. Saturday night is Eric's 28th birthday party. We're having a bbq in the backyard to celebrate. We decided we wanted something low key, and it sounds perfect!
Hurry up Friday!!!


My Baby isn't a Baby Anymore...

June 2, 2009

With great joy & yet some sadness, I have to say that my baby isn't a baby anymore. Yesterday was her official first day to start potty training... without Pull Ups! We went to the great store of Target this past weekend and got 2 packages of undies and 3 outfits.
Apparently not enough!
I brought everything to daycare yesterday and when I went to pick her up she was on her last outfit playing in the playground. She ran over to me and gave me a big hug, so sweet, yet so wet! So we went back into her classroom and she was out of clothes & underwear. I proceeded to put the ever loving Pull Up on, grab the bag of wet clothes, and go home with my daughter in a diaper and shirt only. Fun times...
So now we're looking forward to saving on diapers, yet I am thinking my Tide & water bill are going to increase for the next month or so. If it means my Bella is potty trained it will all be worth it!


Exhausting Weekend

June 1, 2009

This weekend we got a lot accomplished. We planted flowers infront of our house we have now, stained the chairs (fiasco!!), went to the pool for Bella, and finally stressed myself out enough that I was totally sick Sunday evening.
Saturday night we met up with Ritter, Xavi (her boyfriend), Amy (her cousin), and David (Amy's boyfriend) at Frank & Angie's. The food was great and we had so much fun catching up with everyone. Afterwards, we decided to go with them to see the bats. (If you know anything about Austin, you know what I'm talking about.) Well, we finally found parking just in time for the tow truck to come driving by, so we jumped back into our car as he came over and drove back up north. Eric & I were laughing because we felt like teenagers all over again! It was a blast!
Afterwards, we met Sandra & Mark for drinks at 3rd Base. We decided to sit on the patio since it was such a nice night and then saw the lightnening and got out of there as well.
Sunday we painted the chairs, then went to the pool after Bella's nap and let her swim and play for an hour. It was a fun, but exhausting weekend!! Now we are looking forward to this weekend, please let it be sunny and warm!!

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