Ahhh BBQ @ the Salt Lick

June 24, 2009

Last night Eric & I met his friends for his birthday dinner at the Salt Lick. His friend Steve lives just north of San Antonio, so it's far enough south that he can drive up to meet us. We had so much fun! The guys are all really sweet & hilarious, so dinner flew by. And not to mention the bbq was delicious! I can't do that "all you can stuff in your mouth" dish, so I opted for the Turkey sandwich, which was great! After dinner we went to the patio area to hang out for a few more minutes. Driftwood is a dry area, so the Salt Lick is byob. So we all sat out enjoying a beer, when a group of at least 20 college kids came over with a keg! A keg?! It was a Tuesday night for goodness sake! Or maybe I'm just old...
Also last night our awesome Texas Longhorns Baseball team beat LSU!!!
Tonight is the last game and we'll be cheering them on to a National Championship!!!
Last thing, Happy birthday Brian!
I cannot say thank you enough for your prayers for Jack. He went in Tuesday morning and the tumor had shrunk!!! Can you believe it?! So he did not have to have surgery after all. Thank the Lord!!
GOD is Good!


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